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Here at Super Gloss we have many cars come in for repair and the owners ask us to take a look at quoting to replace all the upholstery. Upholostery is not just a nice fabric, it refers to the work done so as to provide seats of your vehicle with padding, springs, webbing, fabric covers or leather covers. It actually comes from the Middle English words of “up” and “holden”. When put together, these words mean “to hold up”.

If you have had a car accident, or you need car smash repairs, and want to look at some new upholstery, then give us a call at Super Gloss and we will help you out.

When you purchased your vehicle, you surely have noticed that it already came with upholstery. There was nothing you can do with it but to drive around in it and relax. However, time really does bear its mark. Your car’s upholstery would have either started to crumble or you would have had to feel each bump and pothole your car runs over for the comfort and relaxing feel of your car seats have gone and said goodbye. When this happens, it simply means that it is the right time to do some reupholstering. And car experts say that reupholstering your car’s interior is one of the ways to make your machine look like you just bought it from the car dealer.

To have your vehicle reupholstered, start by finding the right shop to do that kind of service, like Super Gloss. The best way to find a good upholstery shop is to go to those that have been recommended by car owners.

Check which materials could work best for your car’s interior  and talk about your budget with us. The cost of materials for upholstery can actually range greatly.

We can show you examples of our work and we can walk you through the reupholstering process so you understand what takes place, and what it will cost you.

Just call us anytime at Super Gloss and we will be able to help you more.

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