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You lovingly wash and wax your vehicle on most sunny weekends, spending time detailing every single blotch, nick, scrape, or other damaging mark on your car’s exterior. Part of the deal with owning any vehicle is making certain that it looks its best week in and week out.

At Super Gloss Panel Beaters we often see the vest kept looking cars come in for repairs, and often these car owners either keep their car in a garage at night, or put a cover on it whilst outside. You can contact us if you need help with your car repairs or damage from rain or hail damage.

Because there are hidden enemies of your car’s duco, including bird excrement, acid rain and even harmful UV rays can thwart the best efforts of even the most diligent car owner. Fortunately, there is one automotive accessory that can help keep your car clean, provided you use it when your car is parked for an extended length of time. Yes car covers!

How to buy the right one for your car!

When shopping for a car cover you must give consideration to what it does besides simply covering your car. Among some important points to know:

Will the car cover protect from damaging UV rays? If you live in an area of intense sunshine, such as Melbourne summers, you need a car cover that offers the maximum protection from the sun.

Is the material durable? Does it breath? Will it tear if loaded down with snow or ice? Will the car cover resist rain well? Can the product survive weather extremes, for example intense heat of Melbourne summers and severe cold weather in our winters?

Will the car cover resist dust? Some car covers prevent even the finest dust from accumulating, dust that can mar your garaged car too. Don’t get a cheap cover that dust sneaks into.

Selecting a car cover that comes with side mirror pockets is a wise choice to ensure that your car receives the best custom fit.

You will want to know if there is a lengthy guarantee offered, what colours are available, and what the return policies are, if any, of the cover that you select.

Most premium car covers allow you for them to be cleaned right in your washing machine. By selecting cold to warm water, regular bleach-free laundry detergent, and drying it on your dryer’s permanent press cycle, you can make the dirtiest car cover clean in no time. Of course, make certain that you adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications for the proper care of your car cover.

If you have any queries about your car cover, then you can call us at Super Gloss any time and we will be able to help.


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