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Here at Super Gloss Panel Beaters we often get asked by customers how to keep their car looking better, for longer. And the simple answer is to take better care of it. There are obvious things like keep out of car accidents, don’t knock the doors with shopping trolleys, and wash it regularlity. But there are also some suggestions which are not so well known. As a panel beating shop in Brusnwick area, servicing all areas around like East Brunswick, Northcote, Coburg, Fitzroy, Reservoir, Pascoe Vale, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, East Melbourne and more, we have plenty of cars to repair every week. If you need some car smash repairs done and you live local to Brunswick, call us on 9386 7977 and one of our friendly staff will help you.

We also have a large range of hire cars available, whilst your car is being repaired, and we also apply many of the following suggestions to our own fleet car maintenance manager, to do.

These simple maintenance method check ups can add up savings at the petrol pump too!

1/ Don’t let your petrol tank run out of petrol

Keep your petrol tank filled as much as possible, as this helps you avoid the gas line freezing up in cold weather. Also, driving on “fumes” allows little pieces of dirt at the bottom of your petrol tank to run through the fuel lines with the last drops of gas. This debris clogs up the fuel filter and can cause carburetor damage as well.

2/ Keep fuses working properly

Sometimes a problem with your car’s electrical system results from a simple blown fuse. Check to see if you have any blown fuses especially before investing in a tow truck!

3/ Keep track of how much oil your car uses

A sudden change in oil consumption means you need to see a mechanic quickly.

4/ Change brake fluid often

Save your brakes by having your brake fluid changed every 30,000 miles.

5/ Tyre pressure

Check your tire pressure once a month.

6/ Take a long drive

Constant “Stop and go” peak hour type of traffic causes excess wear and tear on your vehicle. So give your car a nice twenty minute ride at 100klms on the highway every couple weeks if you have a lot of short trips.

If you follow these simple tips, your car will thank you for it!

Remember you can call us anytime at Super Gloss Panel Beaters in Brunswick, 10mins from the city, we offer pick up and delivery, and we also have many modern new hire cars at our disposal. So give us a call today!


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